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Operation & Maintenance

Streamlined Maintenance Operation


Primed Experienced Teams

Every Site engineer is thoroughly trained and experienced for all  equipments of a Solar PV system. They are taught to anticipate any problem in the system that might arise in future and accordingly take the preventive measure.


Prompt Fault Detection & Rectification

All our projects can be accessed online to calculate savings & expedite fault detection & resolution. As soon as any alarm is raised, our O&M team is notified instantly and is dispatched with right equipment to resolve the problem immediately


Stocked Spare Components

A warehouse is stocked full of spare components so that when the need arises, the particular equipment is replaced until warranty is claimed and a new part is installed in its place. This ensures that there is no loss of generation during maintenance or replacement.

Fault Rectification Timeline

1. Alarm Report & Notification

If there occurs any fault in the system, O&M team is instantaneously notified through mail and SMS.

4. Warranty claim & complaint registration

If the system is under warranty, we register complaint on behalf of the client and the equipment replacement is requested.

2. Site Visit & Fault Assessment

After perusing through the alarm report, the O&M team is prepared and sent to the site immediately. Preliminary check are made and action plan for resolution is made

5. Installing new component

As soon as the new equipment arrives on site, our engineers install it & replacing the spare component.

3. Necessary repair or spare replacement

Fault is diagnosed and is resolved through repair. If the equipment is malfunctioning, it is replaced with a spare.

6. Final inspection & testing

Before the complaint is closed, quality and performance checks are conducted to ensure the system is running at an optimal level.